My observations.

1.Odatha is the place where the book written. It was known as medicial garden. The name ODATHA is derived local from the word ORTHO or HORTHO both lave a same pronounciation and meaning. Phonotics supports claim. Aryan RA will become DA in dravidian language. Best example is RA of Orisa becomes Da in ODIYA.
2. Odatha was the offical residense of Henrtric Van Rheede. The book was writen with his personnel attension. So Odatha is the birth place of Hotus Malabaricus.
3. Odatha means GARDEN. The Garden was maintained to collect observations from the plants to write and draw pictures. So it supports the claim odatha is the birth place.

4. Konkani brahmins who supported and shared their knowldge are resided other side of the canal (Mantra Canal) . Which is till known as KONKANI sanketham.


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Hortus Malabaricus :This book was a book written in Kerala. Fr.Matheus commened the work of making a book during Portuguese Period. Konkani brahmins given assistance to him. After the defeat of Portuguese, by Dutch, the work was continued and only after the instruction, malayali vydhayn included. So this is a collected work of 6 scholars. Fr.Mathus Appu Bhat, Ranga Bhat, Vinayaka Pandit and Itty Achuthan.