A historic Dutch visit to Kollat house.

On May 2010 Ms.Renee Ridgway,Mr.Van Amersfoort visited the birthplace of Kollat Itty Achuthan Vaidyan at Kadakkarappally- a small village -about 40kms. from Cochin- in Alapuzha District of Kerala ;India.They were accompanied by Mr.Arief -a member of Kerala Legislative Assembly and Mr.Chidambaran-Secretary of the 'Hortus Malabaricus Trust'.The dutch visited the only remnants of the ancestoral house of Vaidyan -the'Kuriala' in local parlance- and paid their homages.They also visited the 'Kavu' where the remaining plants of the Vaidyan's garden are growing.
The milestone visit stirred a renewed interest in the local villagers about their almost forgotten heritage and it was widely reported in local media.