A new Hortus Malabaricus=garden of Malabar.

Ossimum gratissimum;Lamiaceae
Pandanus amaryllifolius;Pandanaceae
Costus speciosus;Costaceae
Clidemia hirta;Melastomataceae
Dendrocalamus giganteus;Poaceae

A collection of plant species mentioned in Hortus Malabaricus is maintained in 'Hill Palace compound at Tripunithra;
15 kms from Cochin .The project of Centere for heritage studies is sponsored by Kerala state council for science,technology and environment.The commonly found ,once commonly found now rare & the rarest and on the brink of extinction are conserved here with care.All the plants are tagged and details like common name in Local /English language and exact scientific name with family are displayed. A real tribute to the men behind Hortus Mlabaricus who made it possible inspite of all odds.