Study into (Un)becoming Dutch, Part I&II

A study into (un)becoming Dutch- Part I in the far room on the left is where my Ayurvedic doctor tells a story about emigration, immigration, integration, and finally disintegration in regard to setting up his practice in the Netherlands, while driving through his neighborhood in Kerala. A study into (un)becoming Dutch- Part I exposes various aspects of Dutch bureaucracy faced by immigrants and the decision to return to the country of origin. In A Study into Unbecoming Dutch Part lI, a flatscreen monitor positioned above a massage table reflects the perspective of a patient (the artist). This work addresses the treatment of migration trauma, the cure being obtained through Ayurveda massage, which uses many of the herbs and plants from the Hortus Malabaricus.

The production of the Hortus Malabaricus and the knowledge contained within it is still significant today. It also forms the conceptual focal point of the works that will be on display in the exact location where historians believe the Hortus Malabaricus was originally produced. This exhibition consists of 3 video installations, one in each of the main rooms at David Hall, combined with archival objects and indigenous plants contributed by the local community that are contained within the Hortus Malabaricus.