Van Reede

Commodore Odatha a.k.a. Hendrik van Reede tot Drakenstein

During the late 17th century when the VOC (Dutch East India Company) controlled trade along the Malabar coast, the former Dutch governor Hendrik van Reede tot Drakenstein collaborated with local doctors, botanists, translators and artisans to produce the Hortus Malabaricus. Printed in Amsterdam between 1678-1693, it is a 12-volume work illustrating around 700 indigenous plants that explains their medicinal properties, with captions in 5 different languages.



February 18th, 5-8 pm: Opening, public discussion and launch of an online community platform The opening will bring together local interest groups regarding the Hortus Malabaricus. All are invited to contribute their knowledge, participation is encouraged and refreshments will be served.

Mrs Mariella van Miltenburg, Head of the Department of Political Affairs and Public Diplomacy of the Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi, will officially open the exhibition.

The Wanted Land by Renée Ridgway

February 15th-22nd 2012 | David Hall Gallery, Fort Cochin, India

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